Friday, January 10, 2020

Google Snacks Volume 10 - Google Forms Quizzes

Google Forms can be used for much more than just your typical response form. One of the best features is the ability to turn a form into a quiz. Google Forms Quizzes offer a lot of beneficial features including, but not limited to, drastically reduce cheating, reuse quizzes and update info as needed, no more paper tests, and automatically grade them!

Begin by opening up a new Google Form and click on the Settings gear.

Click on Quizzes at the top of the settings then select Make this a Quiz.

Don't close the settings window yet, we have a couple more changes to make. Once you have made the Form into a Quiz, click on the check box for Locked mode on Chromebooks. This makes it so the quiz can only be taken on our managed Chromebooks, but the students cannot open other tabs or applications while taking the quiz. This is the first step in preventing cheating since they can no longer search for answers.

While still in the settings window, click on the Presentation tab and choose Shuffle Question Order. This is step two in preventing cheating since students will not be able to memorize a set order of questions from a previous student.

You can now close the settings window. Next we will look at the questions themselves. At the bottom of each question, click on the three does, then choose Shuffle Option Order. This only works for questions that are multiple choice type. This is the third step in preventing cheating since students cannot memorize the answer order.

You will have to shuffle the option order on each question, but it does work on every type of multiple choice question, including Multiple Choice, Checkboxes, Dropdown, Multiple Choice Grid, and Checkbox Grid.

Once you have created a question and added some answer options, you can mark your answer key. At the bottom or the question, click on Answer Key and select the correct answer for the auto grader.

Auto grading is available on every question type except paragraph.

The last topic we will cover for this session is importing questions from other Forms Quizzes. You can import questions by clicking on the Import button on the right side of the questions section, the icon looks like a page with an arrow pointing to the right.

An example for importing questions is to combine several chapter quizzes into one unit quiz. Once you choose to import questions, a new window will open showing the questions on the test you selected. You can choose to import select questions or all of them.

Now you are ready to create Google Forms Quizzes! I hope this helped you get to know a Google feature you didn't already know before. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them in the comments section.

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