Friday, January 24, 2020

Google Snacks Volume 11 - Comments: Docs and Slides

Comments are a great way to have students make peer edits on Google Docs or take guided notes with Google Slides. Comments are available on all Google apps, but we are only focusing on Docs and Slides for this session.

Peer editing for Docs can be used by any class writing papers or doing any other type of project that requires peer editing on a Google app. Begin by having the students Share a paper or draft they have written and make sure they choose the option "Can Comment".

The default behavior for sharing is "Can Edit", so make sure you tell students to change the option. If a student accidentally shares the doc with another student using the wrong privileges, they can change the permissions in the sharing.

Students can select as little as one word or as much as a paragraph (or more) for a selection for a comment.

When you click on the comments, it will highlight the section associated with that comment, or vice versa.

Guided notes are a way for students to follow along and take notes of a lecture presentation. You can assign guided notes with or without a grade in Classroom. Create an assignment and attach the Slide presentation to the assignment and choose the option "Each student will get a copy".

Students can comment while they follow along with the lecture presentation.

They can add comments to each slide on their own copy of the Slides with their own notes. They can even click on specific elements of the slides and make comments/notes on specific things.

Once the lecture is over, students can turn in their commented Slides for points. You can then return the notes to them for studying.

Lastly, you can open Comment History by clicking the button at the top of the app near the Share button that looks like a chat bubble with lines.

The Comment History will show you all comments made by everyone.

I hope this helped you get to know a Google feature you didn't already know before. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them in the comments section.

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