Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Bonus Bite: Forms Quizzes - more cheat prevention

There are two more cheat prevention methods you can use with Google Forms Quizzes. These are a little bit less straight forward, which is why they are in a different blog post.

You can add Sections to your quiz by clicking on the bottom button on the right hand side of a question.

A normal quiz without sections will show all of the questions on screen at the same time. Sections make it so only one section of questions will be on screen at a time. If you only have one question per section, it will only show one question on screen at a time, this method does not work with shuffle questions unfortunately. If you have a few questions per section and use the shuffle questions, it will shuffle the order per section.

Sections will help with screen cheating while shuffle helps more with students memorizing the question and answer order.

The other option to help prevent cheating is creating an attendance code. You might be familiar with this since we use them for the students for Counselor Connection. An attendance code will make sure the only students taking your test are in your room. No one can be in another classroom or at home where they have access to another computer to look up the answers, since you will be giving them the code the day of the test.

Let's go over how to create your own attendance code and how they work.

Start by changing the FIRST question in your quiz to Short Answer.

Turn on Response Validation and make sure the question is Required.

Enter the code you would like for the quiz.

Make sure you enter a Custom Error Text (where it says, "Please enter the correct code"). If you don't enter a custom error text, if the student enters the wrong code, it will show them the correct code. If you put the attendance code in its own section, as explained above, then the students will not be able to go past the attendance code question until they enter the correct code.

That's it! Go forth and make awesome quizzes!

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