Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Bonus Bite: LanSchool - Creating Custom Classes

If you are an Intervention Specialist, Teacher's Aid, or just need to create a custom class for any reason, this training is for you!

Begin by clicking on the Class List icon in the top menu, then select Manage Class Lists.

Once the Manage Class lists window opens, click on Browse for Students.

The next window will take a little longer to open since it is loading all the students. Click the check mark boxes to select which students you want in your class, then click Add at the bottom.

Student names will be listed under both Login Name and Student Name, you can also search for specific students using the Filter option at the bottom.

Once you add students, you will return to the Manage Class Lists window. You can now save this class list for later use. Make sure you save it in a location you know where it is and preferably where it will be backed up.

That's it!

1 comment:

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