Friday, April 10, 2020

Bonus Bite: Record Meet without students

In the previous Google Snack session covering Hangouts Meet, we discussed how to create, host, and record a live session with other participants, but you can also record a video without having other people in the session. This quick Bite will discuss recording videos in Hangouts Meet with and without presenting your screen. This session assumes you are a little familiar with Meet or have read/attended the previous session.

Begin by going to Google Hangouts Meet and choose the Join option when presented with the two options below. You cannot record using the Present option here, but you will be able to present your screen later with the Join option.

You can record videos with just the camera, with both camera and presenting your screen, or just presenting your screen. If you only present your screen, the recorded video will still show your Google Account icon where the camera would be shown. You will first want to decide how you want your video to be shown from those options. If you are doing a video with just your camera, you are ready to go! If you want to present your screen, click on Present Now in the lower right corner and choose whether to present your whole screen or just one window.

If you are presenting your screen, you can choose to turn your camera off if you want, by clicking the camera icon at the bottom center.

Next, make sure you have captions turned on since this will record everything you say in text for students with hearing problems.

Lastly, click the "Three dot menu" and choose the Record Meeting option. This option will change to Stop Recording when you are ready to quit.

Now you are ready to record videos using Google Hangouts Meet and not have anyone else in the session. Go forth and make great videos!

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